North-European Gymnastics Championships in Trondheim

3 days / 10 competitions
We can´t wait!

October 21.-23.
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The arena, Trondheim Spektrum, is the main venue for indoor sports and athletics in Trondheim. It has multiple indoor arenas, however the NEC will be held in the main arena – where other events, such as national handball league games usually takes place.


in the heart of the city

The Trondheim Spektrum is situated along the Nidelven river in the heart of the city. Thus, you can walk to the arena from the hotel, Scandic Lerkendal, if you prefer to do so. Otherwise, shuttles will be in service for the teams during the championships, for quick transport between the hotel and the arena.

Team- and warm up


Every National team will be given access to a reserved area for talks, rest and other activities. The arena also have excess space for warming up before the competitions. The outside of the Trondheim Spektrum is situated in a green, quiet area. So – if you prefer – you might as well find the surroundings just as suited for your in-between competition activities as well.

The Arena

Trondheim Spektrum

Events and competiotions are held in the Main hall, warm up, preparation and audience activities are held in proximate areas.


Klostergata 90, 7030 Trondheim


+47 73 56 86 00